Should Society Be Concerned About Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The energy crisis is a very real thing and a lot of people are noticing that it has damaging effects all across the globe. Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do all by yourself or as a family to put your mark on the green movement in your community. By knowing what things you are able to do, it will be a lot easier for you to feel comfortable knowing that you are making a big difference in the world, even if you are just starting off by making very (more…)

The Current State Of The Rainforests

The impact that conventional energy policies and short-sighted industrial practices have had on the environment and the state of the natural world has been considerable. Learning more about the ecological harm that conventional fuel sources and less than sustainable industry has resulted in can allow you to become a more active and effective part of the solution. From climate change to the current state of the rain-forests, educating yourself about the environmental harm and damage that has resulted from the current energy crisis can do much to improve your understanding of this critical issue.

Reducing demand for conventional energy (more…)

World Change Can Start At Home

We rely on fossil fuels which are, of course, not renewable, so until we can replace them we have to conserve what we’ve got. And there are ways we can do that in our own homes.

One way to conserve energy is to look for an electric provider that offers a carbon offset program or a renewable energy credit purchase plan. A carbon offset program means that you purchase offsets, which are like donations. Your electric company in turn gives money to non-profits that work to reduce greenhouse gases. A renewable energy credit purchase plan mean that your utility will give you credits for purchasing energy-saving appliances. You can find out more by visiting

You can save energy at home by doing something as simple as unplugging appliances. The Department of Energy says that 75 percent of electricity in homes is used by plugged-in devices that are turned off. This is called “phantom load,” and a report from U. C. Berkley says it accounts for 6 percent of America’s electrical consumption. A convenient way to turn off devices is to plug them into a power strip, and then turn the power strip off.

Another way to save energy at home is to use compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs. They use 75 percent less energy and produce 75 percent less heat. They also last 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb, and can save 30 to 40 over their lifetime. They come in a variety of shades, and some are dimmable. Some people are concerned because they contain mercury, but they actually don’t emit any mercury.

If you need new large appliances like a washer and dryer (which always seem to give out at the same time) it’s a good opportunity to get energy-efficient ones. Make sure they say Energy Star. They’re approved by the EPA, and they use between 10 and 50 percent less energy and water. There are all kinds of Energy Star products, including computers, other electronics, building products, and lighting and fans. Some of them are higher-priced, but they save on energy costs in the long run.

Conserving energy at home not only helps out the world, it also helps out your own bottom line, and everyone likes money. Then, it’s also nice to know you’re making a difference in the world.

Social And Economic Effects Of Energy Crisis

The notion that an energy crisis can have far reaching effects is not an overstatement. There are both serious social and economic effects that can derive from the impact of serious drains on our energy reserves. The economic impact is among the clearest to distinguish. When energy reserves are limited, scarcity will cause the price of fuel and electricity to increase. This creates inflation that can have an impact on jobs, the economy and everyone’s quality of life.

Anytime there is an increase (more…)

Go Green To Improve Your Health

Green living is becoming more the norm rather than the exception. From new technologies that have significantly decreased our collective carbon footprint to the recent deluge of second-hand building material suppliers, going green is better for the environment and better for our health. Here are five simple ways you can go green and improve your health at the same time.

1. Check your furnace’s air filter every month and change it when it’s dirty. Not only will you considerably improve your indoor air quality, but your furnace will require less energy to keep you comfortable.
2. Use nontoxic household cleaners. (more…)

Ways You Can Manage Your Personal Energy Crisis

You have probably heard people speaking about the energy crisis at a global level, and you are also worried about how this will all affect you personally. When your energy bills seem to keep rising, you can take a few steps to help to lower these costs.

First, consider getting solar panels installed on your house. Yes, in the short-term, these could cost you more money, but overall, you will absolutely be able to save. Instead of (more…)

What Is Energy Crisis Management?

A lot of people want to know what energy crisis management is. When there is an electricity shortage, it’s the people who really depend on the electricity who are hurt the most. People who need the electricity for cooking, heating and clean water will feel the electricity shortage more than others.

During an energy shortage, there is the possibility that the sustained energy crisis could turn into a humanitarian crisis. Energy crisis management is a special phase that is implemented and enforced by the authorities. A prolonged energy shortage is (more…)

A Greener Planet Means Improving Personal Health

Caring for the environment and caring for our bodies don’t have to be separate. Looking after your own health benefits you, the people around you and our planet. There are plenty of green ways to stay healthy and happy.

Try to drive less and ride a bike instead. Not only are you reducing the pollution your car produces, but you’re saving money and getting a workout as well. If you live in a traffic-heavy area, you might even get to your destination faster than you would driving.

Eating less meat is better for you and the (more…)